Sever and Low Back pain

Entering Complaint:

Unable to walk at times and I was missing an average of 3-4 work days a month.  MRI showed damage (bulging) in 3 lumbar discs areas.  My primary MD gave me 3 choices:  Physical Therapy, Back Injections or Chiropractic Treatment. 

I had seen for a long time that “standard medicine” was focused on treating specific symptoms and that such treatment usually ends up with a patient tied to a prescription ( or shot) for the foreseeable future.  I had tried PT years ago with little good results.  So, skeptical as can be, I chose Chiropractic.

Attempts to correct the problem:  
Medications:  Muscle relaxants, pain pills (both prescription and over the counter),  heating pads and a lot of lying still and moving about in great pain.  I had also been put on Protonix and Nexium for chronic gastritis.  

My son, Josh R. had previously been treated with, to me, surprising results.  They accepted my insurance and I went for it.

My experience in this clinic:
OK-skeptical is probably a mild word for how I viewed chiropractic therapy as I was not very knowledgeable about the field.  The staff at LifeForce is very focused on educating the patient on as much as that patient can comprehend about chiropractic treatment.  This is a wonderful path to take and it involved me a great deal in my own course of treatment.

Although I originally came for low back pain, Dr. Jeff also found problems in other parts of my spine, especially my neck.  When I understood how each section of the spine relates to specific organs and parts of the body, this made sense to me.  For 20+ years I had lived with chronic, exhausting pain in my neck and shoulders.  When I turned my neck to either side, there was a “crackling sound”, like someone crushing paper.  I experienced sharp pains 2-3 times a week that raced up and down the side of the neck and left me with a dull, throbbing headache.  I had pain in my legs that woke me up at night.

Other symptoms I lived with ( and I thought I was stuck with it until I left the planet!) included marked intolerance to heat and random hot flashes, even though I am past menopause.  I noticed an increased inability to handle stress over the past 5 years.  I have a very stressful job. It is part of what I do and I needed to be able to handle it.  My chronic gastritis was gradually getting worse. I was taking the strongest meds on the market and it was beginning to fail.

I was generally miserable physically – always fighting off a virus or sinus infection.  The slightest “wrong” movement (sneezing, getting out of the car, filling the dog’s bowl with water) would “throw my back out’ and put me in bed for days.

The knowledge that Dr. Jeff gave me about my spine and chiropractic treatment caused me to commit to a course of treatment.  At first, I went 3times a week, then 2 and now once a week.

After the first month, my back no longer tried to lock up on me.  It was still stiff at times, but I didn’t have to worry about it seizing up.  After that, I started noticing my headaches were decreasing.  Along about 6-8 weeks, the knot of tension that had tortured my stomach for years was gone!.  Handling Florida’s vicious heat became easier and my stress level started to subside.  As of the past 2 weeks, I have been able to reduce my gastritis meds by 50%.

Today I am virtually pain free in my back, neck and shoulders.  My general mood is better than it has been in years and I don’t have to work at it as hard as before treatment.  I have beat back colds and virus infections on my own before they take hold and without a medical doctor visit and prescription.

I am, indeed, a Chiropractic Convert!

Thank you!!!
Dana W., Melbourne, FL

2 Herniated discs in Lumbar region

Entering Complaint:
2 Herniated discs in Lumbar region
Numbness and tingling from both elbows to fingertips.

Attempts to correct at this point:
Went to 2 different chiros in Miami that twisted and cracked me only to make things much worse. Went to Pain Center of Miami and had steroid injections in lower lumbar area to try and control the pain. Tried prescriptions for three NSAIDS and had a bad reaction to all of them and ended up taking oral steroids to get rid of the rashes. Physical therapy helped a little bit with the pain.

Heard about Dr, Jeff from a co-worker who was injured in a car accident and who had also been to several other doctors, and ended up in worse condition than when she started out.

Bottom line is that Dr. Jeff educates his patients on the core roots of spinal problems and nerve pain and how it all connects together. LifeForce is a vital healing tool for me! I noticed a difference from the first treatment he used which was specific to my particular problem…. Thru my treatments at LifeForce my body is now beginning to heal itself and the numbness and tingling is now only in my fingers and improving with each treatment I receive. My insurance doesn’t cover my visits but the cost is extremely reasonable to where I can afford to pay for it myself! I will continue treatments even as the healing continues because maintenance is the key to staying healthy and having an active lifestyle!

Carolyn K, Melbourne, FL

One leg shorter than the other for years

Entering Complaint:

I had a lot of low back pain 7 years ago and I went to a local Chiropractor in Germany. They told me my left leg was shorter than my right one and gave me a prescription for an improvement on my left shoes to give both of my legs the same height. My back pain got better but after a while I had seldom pain again.

Attempts to correct the problem:
When I moved to the United States I had a hard time finding a service that would again improve the shoe difference.

At a Community Health Fair I met Drs. Jeff and Adriana MonteLeon and I spoke about my problem. I asked them if they could refer me to a store or professional that would help me. They invited me to step on their measurement instrument they had with them.
I wanted to see if the leg or the hip was the main problem that was going to need improvement. They also invited me to their educational hour on Monday evenings to hear more about how the body works.

My experience in this clinic:
Since I started chiropractic care at LifeForce Chiropractic, my body is better in balance, no back pain anymore and when I have lots of stress and I feel like a huge stone is lying on my head and shoulders, the adjustments relax my body in a physically, mentally and emotional way. 

Really great and much better than using pain killers. Now I hardly ever wear my shoes
with the lifts, and do much better without them. 

Dagmar G. Palm Bay, FL

Sever Gastroparesis

Entering Complaint:
Severe Gastroparesis

Attemps to correct the problem:
I was already taking proton-pump inhibitors when I began to have vomiting spells. My physician put me on Reglan. I began vomiting again. Since I was not getting well, I stopped taking all the medicine and drastically reduced food intake.

I was a patient for general health reasons when my physician told me that I had sustained damage to my vagus nerve. Then I realized that Chiropractic might help the problem. I had not been to Chiropractic for months after going out of town, but I came back for help.

My experience in the Clinic:
Since I begun care for this problem, my nightly nausea gradually decreased. I was able to gradually resume eating normally while still avoiding triggers to gastritis. I have not resumed taking the proton-pump inhibitors or the Reglan, but I do no have nightly nausea nor have I vomited since
Thank You 

Jeanie D. Melbourne FL

Neck and shoulder pain - Stuart B. Melbourne, FL

Entering Complaint:
Neck and shoulder pain.
Attempts to correct the problem:
Rest and ice.
Networking group.
My experience in this clinic:
While playing soccer this weekend I took a shot at the goal, after scoring my body went into a state of unbalance, kept moving and I then fell over and jarred my hip. The momentum allowed me to continue rolling completely over and caused my neck to crack rather loudly. Within 5 minutes I knew I was going to be suffering from this youthful exuberance. I did not sleep on Saturday night due to the pain in my neck and shoulders and was uncomfortable all day Sunday.
Within 1 hour of visiting LifeForce Chiropractic on Monday morning my whole neck and back had relaxed enough for me to look like a normal person, to the point I was able to play volleyball on Monday evening. I cannot thank them enough for their Magic Hands. 
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and as always educating me on my body and how it works. No question seems to be too trivial or stupid.
I would and will recommend you to anyone with A SPINE…
Stuart B. Melbourne, FL

Recurring ear infections - Diana J. T., Melbourne, FL

Entering Complaint:
Recurring ear infections. 
Attempts to correct the problem:
We saw our Pediatrician, an ENT and prescribed antibiotics.
Networking event
My experience in this clinic:
I am writing this letter to thank you for all that you have done for our family. I have put off writing for the simple reason that I find it difficult to put into words the profound positive impact you have had in our lives.
For the benefit of your clients, and as a testimonial, I will summarize our case briefly. My daughter Kaylin who will be 3 this March, have had severe ear infections from the day we put her in day care. We estimate that she suffered through 25 ear infections before she had surgery at 20 months to put tubes in her ears. Along with the ear infections, she also suffered with the effects of prolonged antibiotic treatments: Stomach upset, loss of appetite, failure to gain weight, behavioral and mood changes, chronic diarrhea, severe diaper rash, and irregular sleep habits. After undergoing surgery, we had her tested and found that her speech was delayed and had to consult with speech pathologists to correct the problem. While having tubes in her ears, we had to put ear plugs in her ears whenever she bathed, and avoid swimming pools. Needless to say, the whole ordeal was very difficult and stressful for our whole family. No one was sleeping well, we had added financial stress due to the medical bills, and Kaylin was in a terrible mood all the time. After reading over what I just wrote, I realize that there is no real way to express the distress that we experienced in words. Only other parents who have had to stand by and watch their child suffer helplessly will really understand.
My son started experiencing ear problems about a year ago when he was 8 months old. Unlike my daughter, he was never in day care, so the frequency and severity of the ear infections was lessened, but we felt like we were experiencing round two of our personal hell. We estimate that he had about 15 ear infections before we took him to ENT. At our first visit to the ENT, he took one look at Robert’s ears, listened to his history and immediately decided that he also needed surgery to put tubes in his ears. My husband and I were concerned about Robert having surgery at such young age, but were at a loss for an alternative. It was suggested by our Pediatrician that we put him on a preventative schedule of antibiotics, which was ineffective.
The night before Robert’s surgery, he got sick and we cancelled the procedure. That morning I met Dr. Jeff MonteLeon at a business networking meeting, and he mentioned something about Chiropractic care eliminating the need for tubes.
At the risk of offending you, I would like to tell your clients that I have never been a believer in Chiropractic medicine. Quite frankly, I thought you guys were quacks, and I did not want anyone cracking my bones. Both of my parents are scientists, who drilled into me that when you were sick you went to the doctor and got a pill to make you feel better. I was skeptical of any kind of alternative medicine. However, being a mother changes everything. I was willing to try anything for the benefit of my children.
We took Robert and Kaylin to their first Chiropractic visit on October 15th. Robert had two more adjustments on 10-17 and 10-20. Also on 10-20 we took Robert back to the ENT. We were told that his hearing was perfect, he showed no signs of infection, and that “ I can’t imagine why anyone would want to put tubes in this child’s ears”.
We took Robert to his normal Pediatrician and told her our story. Her response was: “Western Medicine does not agree with Chiropractic treatment. However, I can’t argue with the results. Keep taking him to the Chiropractor!”
Since the kids have been receiving regular Chiropractic Adjustments, Robert has gotten sick twice, and Kaylin only once during a three month period. Prior to that, they were getting sick every 10 days.
Our home is a much happier place. We all sleep through the night, the only behavior problems are those of normal two and three year olds, everyone eats well and is in good health. I recommend to every parent I meet who has kids with ear problems to take them to you. If you ever need a reference or if there is anything I can do to help you and your business please let me know.
Thank you again,
Diana J. T., Melbourne, FL

Bell’s Palsy (paralysis of cranial nerve VII) - Ingrid R., Melbourne, FL

Entering Complaint:
Bell’s Palsy (paralysis of cranial nerve VII)
Attempts to correct the problem:
I went to my family doctor and he sent me to visit a neurologist. 
They performed a cat scan that turned out to be negative so they told me that medicine would not help me.
I decided to go to a chiropractor from the Health first directory.
My experience in this clinic:
My experience with the chiropractor was amazing!
I started with the left side of my face paralyzed (no sense, no taste) 
I could not smile or drink and it was even difficult to talk.
My eye did not close right, so I had to tape it at nights to be able to get some rest.
I had this condition for almost 2 weeks.
During my consultation with doctor MonteLeon, I understood the benefits of the treatments and had hope that everything would get better.
I learned the reasons why we get in situations like mine and I had the opportunity to start the treatment.
In my 3rd visit my face was back into place, could you believe it ??? 
YES it happened this way thanks to GOD and Dr. MonteLeon !!!
Needless to say I am still in treatment to heal my body the right way. 
Now I can smile, blink my eye in a normal way and I can taste what I eat.
It is wonderful to be ME again !!!
Ingrid R., Melbourne, FL

Injury moving furniture - Kenneth G., Palm Bay, FL

Entering Complaint:
On October 15, 2003, I was moving furniture by myself and a few days later I needed a cane to help me walk. On October 27 is when I decided to go to a chiropractor. 
Attempts to correct the problem:
Nothing at that time
Heard of the Drs. At the Arrohood Club 6 months ago.
My experience in this clinic:
I took the 10 treatment plan and after 4 sessions I was able to bowl in my league. 
I had entered the senior Olympics in swimming, 5K (3 ½) miles power walk, Bowling doubles and horseshoes. Started November 9th, I completed and won all 8 medals. 5 in Swimming, 1 in the 5K power walk, 1 in Bowling (doubles) and 1 in Horseshoes = 7Gold and 1 Silver.
My birthday was 12-18-1918 which makes me 84 until December 18th. 
From barely walking on October 27th to Olympic medals on November 13th I would say it’s Pretty Amazing !!!!!
Kenneth G., Palm Bay, FL

Almost hip replacement to pain free - Ruth B., Melbourne FL

Entering Complaint:
I was experiencing hip pain which was limiting my mobility and was told by a medical doctor that I should start thinking about a hip replacement. I also developed neck pain later on
Attempts to correct the problem:
I took prescribed pain medications, had some medication injected into the joint, etc. which gave me temporary relief. I also tried magnetic therapy.
At first I met Dr. Jeff at another office he was working at. After a period of time, I was feeling much better (in many ways) generally and stopped going for my adjustments. Eventually, my pain returned. I then saw an advertisement in the Natural Awakening Magazine for LifeForce Chiropractic and found Dr. Jeff working with his wife Dr. Adriana MonteLeon.
My experience in the clinic:
Dr. Jeff is very caring and listened to my symptoms very carefully. After just a few treatments my hip and neck pain were significantly improved to almost non-existent. I can recommend LifeForce Chiropractic whole heartedly. I intend to remain in his care with periodic adjustments in order to remain pain free.
Ruth B., Melbourne FL

Lower Back injuries -  Eduardo G. Melbourne, FL

Entering Complaint:
Lower back injuries (football), bad ankles and headaches
Attempts to correct the problem:
Chiropractor twice per month, gym three times a week and better eating habits.
Florida Tech Health Fair 2004
My experience in this clinic:
Lower back pain is gone, loss 10-20 lbs fat, gain 5-10 lbs muscle, improved my 2 mile run by two minutes, faster accelerations, no headaches, less stress, better grades.
Overall feel better !!
Eduardo G. Melbourne, FL

Terrible neck pain -  Lucia A. Melbourne, FL

Entering Complaint:
Terrible neck pain, migraines, sinus headaches, sacro-illiac discomfort and minor sciatic flare ups.
Attempts to correct the problem:
Nutrition, massage, acupressure.
Migun of Melbourne, the thermal acupressure massage center.
My experience in this clinic:
I have really improved and my discomfort has lessened considerably. Dr. A showed me how my sleep patterns contribute to my structural problem and guided me towards a resolution by adjusting me and suggesting exercises to assist in my restoration. As a result, I have returned to my previous activities, teaching Yoga and back to running.
Chiropractic is truly effective and worth attending to.
Lucia A. Melbourne, FL

Acid Indigestion; Tums, tum-tum-tum TUMS! -  Aline C. Melbourne, FL

Entering Complaint:
When I would eat every time I had to take something like 2 Tums and 4 tablets after a meal.
Attempts to correct the problem:
Just medication and they were not working.
A friend told me to see her chiropractor.
My experience in this clinic:
Lucia A. Melbourne, FL
Now since coming here, after 3 visits I do not need more Tums.
What a relief !!!!
Thank you so much
Aline C. Melbourne, FL

Emotional Stress -  Yolanda S., Palm Bay, FL

Entering Complaint:
Emotional stress due to loosing my husband
Attempts to correct the problem:
A friend told me chiropractic helps with stress
My experience in this clinic:
Carina Doctoressa:
Thank you for all your efforts to clear up this tangle.
Thank you for your patience.
Thank you for your wonderful treatments and warmest greetings from New York, where at times the temperatures have been higher than Florida’s, and I wondered why I was up here.
Overall, I feel much better.
Yolanda S., Palm Bay, FL

Occasional Soreness -  Donna B., Palm Bay, FL

Entering Complaint:
Occasional soreness from normal 12 years old boy activities
Attempts to correct the problem:
Grater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce
My experience in this clinic:
Drs. Jeff and Adriana MonteLeon
Thank you for the exceptional care of both myself and Jeremy. Since Jeremy is a normal 12 year old boy he experiences many bumps and lumps in a normal day. He will frequently ask to see you both when he is sore or uncomfortable for treatment. We appreciate all you do for us and the community and look forward to being your patients for many years
Donna B., Palm Bay FL