THE DOCTORS - Drs. Jeff and Adriana MonteLeon

Drs. Jeff and Adriana MonteLeon have been practicing in Brevard for the past 11 years. They met during their studies at Life University in Atlanta, GA while obtaining their Doctorates in Chiropractic.

Doctor Adriana (known as Dr. A in the office) and Dr. Jeff built the practice from the ground up to begin fulfilling their mission to bring Health, Healing and Wellness to the community. They accomplish this through education, communication and forming long lasting relationships with their patients, based on the fundamental understanding, of the core principles and philosophies of the Chiropractic Lifestyle.

Drs. Jeff and Adriana are dedicated to seeing the whole family being able to enjoy the benefits of a healthier Chiropractic Lifestyle. They have a strong background in pediatric techniques enabling care for infants and children of all sizes and ages. Many expecting mothers can also receive care all the way up to their expected delivery dates, and have reported less discomfort and easier deliveries than with previous births without care.

Dr. A, originally from Mendoza, Argentina, naturally began and continues to expand with her ability to serve the Spanish speaking population of the area. These patients find it invaluable to be able to communicate their concerns in their primary language directly with the Doctor and not through an interpreter. While growing up she was an extremely competitive swimmer and beach volleyball player, which led her into one of her many specializations including working with athletes and extremity adjusting.

Dr. Jeff, originally from New York City, has an extensive background in the performing arts, as well as experience teaching children while working for the NYC Board of Education. He utilizes this experience in finding effective ways of communicating the Chiropractic message to patients young and old. Dr. Jeff also served as the 2009 Chairman of the Board of Directors for "The Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce", and is slated once again with that honor for 2014, as he continues to volunteer his time to serve for the prosperity of the greater business community.

Dr. Jeff also has been recently appointed to the Board of Directors for the Florida Chiropractic Society.  This statewide organization is dedicated to serving the states Chiropractic Licencees by providing continuing education to its peers.  They also work as a political voice to protect the practice rights of its members in the state, as it relates to the application of the core principles, Science, Art and Philosophy, that the profession was founded on. 


Dr. Evan Rush - A recent addition to the LifeForce Team, Dr. Evan is also a graduate of Life University.  He, like Drs. Jeff and Adriana, has been grounded in the classic principles of the Chiropractic lifestyle, and is well versed in all the techniques utilized here in the office.  This assures us that the appropriate methods can be applied to the appropriate patients, to achieve the most effective outcomes.  Born in San Fransisco, moved to Minnesota (GO VIKINGS) and ultimately raised locally here in Brevard, Dr. Evan can now help us achieve our mission of serving the health and wellness needs of our expanding community.



Sonia Avila - Office Manager  (Previous Patient) Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and a graduate of Bushwick H.S., Sonia began her career in service to others in the Dental world, working as a dental assistant for 27 years.  She moved to Florida in 2005 and joined the LifeForce Chiropractic Team in 2009.  Married for 40 years and counting, Sonia is the mother of 5 children and grandmother to 17 grandchildren and counting.  She is often requested to be a "grandma for rent" when our many families are in with their youngest, for their family adjustments.



Judy Hembree - Chiropractic Assistant






Dona Hodges - Chiropractic Assistant  Born and raised in central FL, Dona began her career in the medical field at age 20, specializing in Geriatric/Alzeimer's patient care.  Ultimately this led her to Chiropractic in 2004.  She is a firm believer that the body can heal itself when you live a healthy lifestyle, including a diet rich in natural foods, exercise, and regular Chiropractic Adjustments.  She has one son and three grandaughters is is now a welcome addition to the LifeForce Chiropractic Family as well.






Tuyet Thai-Fahey (Snow) - Massage Therapist

Alvin McIntosh - Massage Therapist